Privacy Policy:

Privacy Statement Alternative Vitality Systems AKA are the providers of products or services, We have created this privacy statement (the "Product Privacy Statement") to demonstrate our commitment to our customers, the privacy of their website visitors, and the right of privacy throughout the Internet. Privacy is of great importance to us. Because we gather important information on behalf of our customers on portions of their websites and/or other online and offline sources, we have established this Product Privacy Statement as a means to communicate our information gathering and dissemination practices. Please note that further information regarding our practices with regards to our website at Alternative Vitality Systems AKA can be found at: Alternative Vitality Systems AKA Privacy Policy Customer Data We and/or our Subsidiaries (as the context dictates) act as a limited agent (and data processor in the EU context) to each of our customers only for the purpose of providing products and services, for which summaries and additional details are described within the “Products” and “Services” portions of this site. We may use information that has been gathered by us on our website(s) and other information provided to us (by the customer) for the purpose of communication, delivering updates, product information, and other information related to a purchase or inquiry. All such information is and will remain customer property, and will be treated by Alternative Vitality Systems AKA as proprietary and confidential information of each customer, respectively. As such, and subject to the remainder of this paragraph, Alternative Vitality Systems AKA will not disclose such information to any third party, unless specifically and rightfully instructed or directed to do so by the customer, or unless it is transferred among our Subsidiaries solely for the purposes of processing such instructions or directions. Alternative Vitality Systems AKA will not review, share, disclose, distribute, print, or reference any such information except as requested or directed by the customer or as may be required by law. Individual customer records may at times be viewed or accessed only for the purpose of resolving a problem, addressing a support issue, fulfilling a billing requirement, or as may be required by law.

Your Information:
We will not give out any information you submit at our site to any third parties except in compliance with a request of a law enforcement agency. Under no circumstances will your name, e-mail, phone number or address be sold to, or given to any other parties. We will never willfully sell, lease, or rent any of your or your business' personally identifiable information to any third party.

Collected Information:
Your personal information is collected through our contact forms only. This website currently has no applications or programs that gather information from your computer without your consent. Users are required to give us contact information (e.g., your name and email address) and demographic information (e.g., your zip code). Certain information, such as your email address, is collected in order to verify your identity and for use in our records. Information collected at this website is kept in our records only as long as is necessary to provide requested services to our clients.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this site, please contact us.



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